The Marine Exchange of San Francisco led the effort to initiate coalition of the Marine Exchanges starting on the west coast and MISNA was ultimately chartered in 1995 as a

non-profit corporation. The charter members of MISNA included:


President: Terry Hunter, Marine Exchange of San Francisco

Vice President: Manny Aschemeyer, Marine Exchange of Southern California

Treasurer: Dick Copeland, Merchant Exchange of Portland

Secretary: Harry Hutchins, Marine Exchange of Puget Sound

Ron Cartwright, Chamber of Shipping, British Columbia


MISNA membership held to the west coast for several more years before extending an invitation to the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, at which point MISNA became a "bicoastal organization. Soon the Maritime Association of the Ports of New York and New Jersey joined MISNA, the Baltimore Maritime Exchange, the Marine Exchange of the West Gulf (subsidiary of the Greater Houston Port Bureau) all joined MISNA, giving the organization coverage on all three coasts. Later, the New Orleans Board of Trade and the Hampton Roads Maritime Association (now the Virginia Maritime Association) joined MISNA ranks followed soon thereafter by the newly created Marine Exchange of Alaska (in Juneau) and Jacksonville Marine Transportation Exchange.


MISNA is also affiliated with International Ship Reporting Association (ISRA) representing ports in five Europe countries and MISNA continues to explore collaborative and cooperative possibilities with this group for the future.


Past Presidents of MISNA


* Terry Hunter (San Francisco)

* Rich Softye (Puget Sound)

* Manny Aschemeyer (Southern California)

* Ron Cartwright (British Columbia)

* Bob Bohlman (Puget Sound)

* Liz Wainwright (Portland)

* Lisa Himber (Delaware River and Bay)

* Ed Page (Alaska)

* Alistair Macnab (West Gulf Houston)

* Dave Stambaugh (Baltimore)

* John Veentjer (Puget Sound)

* Bill Diehl (Houston)

* Ed Kelly (New York)